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We have been providing coaching services in the fitness industry. Through our experience, we have realized that people do not usually stop going to the gym due to a lack of motivation but rather because they feel like they do not fit in. This is why we aimed to create a community-based space that prioritizes social support and inclusivity above everything else.

Our goal was to establish an environment that fosters positivity and inclusiveness, where all members feel welcome and supported. We believed that by creating such a culture, our members would find it easier to stay consistent with their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.

We also recognize that enjoyment plays a vital role in maintaining motivation, which is why we strive to offer HIIT classes that are up-to-date with current trends. We believe that the more our members enjoy their fitness sessions, the more likely they are to continue with them over time.

At Rumble Fitness, we operate under the principle that with hard work, only a 45-minute training session is needed to achieve fat burning and muscle building goals.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fast and efficient form of exercise that enhances endurance without the monotony that often comes with traditional cardio routines.

Scientific research supports the many advantages of HIIT, which can elevate your training regimen to new heights.

Here are eight reasons why HIIT should be a part of your regular workout routine:

Our Testimonials

What Others Say About Us

Absolutely THE BEST. I had done some exercise in the past and I’m really active person, but I want to challenge myself more and try something new. Isaiah was able to show me different type of exercises that’s was very challenging for me.

Nikola Milinović

Isaiah is an energetic instructor who will motivate you to work harder than you have ever worked before! His workouts are intense and fun, set to great pump-up music. My favourite fitess class ever! Come out and try it, you won't regret it!

Merima Kostecki

I loved the class!! It pushes your fitness to the next level. I’ve been wanting to take a boot camp class, so once I heard that Brockville had one, I jumped at the chance. He changed up the moves throughout the class which kept it exciting!! It pushes you to the next level. Amazing class!

Melina Mulder

I tried out the classes at Rumble Fitness and had to keep coming back! Isaiah is great trainer who is highly motivating, and his workouts take you to another level with your fitness goals. All of the classes can be tailored to suit your abilities

Sally Alaina


Join Rumble Fitness. This club is more than just a place to workout. Our classes are your therapy after a long day at work. From our unlimited classes to our knowledgeable trainer, Rumble Fitness offers you the premium fitness class with the latest equipment at an affordable price.